Our mission: the prevention of microbial risks

C4Hydro develops solutions for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in the environment. Bacteria, fungi, yeasts... Microbes or microorganisms, these single-celled organisms invisible to the naked eye, are living cells that play a major role in the proper functioning of ecosystems.  

Some microbes, useful in some circumstances, can become dangerous to humans in others. Pathogenic organisms in the environment can generate life-threatening infections. Nosocomial infections, sepsis, urinary and intestinal infections, pneumonia... Infectious diseases account for nearly 17 million deaths per year worldwide, or about 1 in 3 deaths, with this proportion rising to 43% in developing countries.

The occurrence of new epidemics regularly reminds us of the considerable societal stakes, both in health and economic terms, represented by infections due to microbes. For this reason, many preventive and curative actions are carried out by all economic actors, institutions and companies, for a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms.

C4Hydro is part of the preventive phase, and offers solutions to protect against microbiological risks related in particular to bacteria present in environmental water and drinking water. Based  on the Diamidex technology, patented by the CNRS and based on culture, our solutions accelerate the rendering of results of traditional techniques. They offer innovative methods, usable in the field, and meeting the requirements of rapid detection of microorganisms in the environment, an essential factor in the control of infectious epidemiological risks.